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TX 78132-3259

About Us

Our interest in antique wood began in 1976, when we purchased two houses, in the Dallas area, that were built between 1890 and 1910.

The houses were in poor condition, but we could see that both structures had great potential.

In the process of restoring these beautiful homes, we discovered a long lost treasure. We found that the houses were built with beautiful Longleaf Heart Pine.

This was the beginning of a love affair with the wood, and learning the history of the wood.

I educated myself in all aspects of the construction business.We have built both residential custom homes and large high-end commercial projects.

Some of our jobs include, old Conestoga Wagon Barns, which were converted into homes. Ranch houses and Vintage Homesteads built before 1900 were restored and refurbished using antique heart pine. We have also worked on new projects using Heart Pine, giving them an old rustic feel with lots of character, which only comes from antique wood and antique wood floors.

Since Longleaf Pine, or Heart Pine, is extinct we must find the material. We have had to carefully Deconstruct old buildings, old farm houses, or buy from a network of companies that reclaim old Grain Elevators, Cotton Gins, Textile Mills, Slaughter Houses, Barns and Railroad Depots that are marked for demo.

Texas Heart Pine Floors is proud to be a part of the recovery of Longleaf Pine.

We pride ourselves with the ability to reuse, recycle, and reform this reclaimed wood into customized furnishings such as doors, floors, cabinetry, and furniture.

By preparing this wood of unmatched character for use in restoration and contemporary building and design, Texas Heart Pine Floors, not only makes beautiful wood products that lasts, but also plays an important role in the preservation of Heart Pine’s role in American history.